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Guy Fawkes | Anonieme Cybersecurity Experts

Voor deze VPN-service is nog geen beoordeling beschikbaar. Als je je eigen ervaringen met deze VPN-provider wilt delen, voeg dan je beoordeling als gebruiker toe. Binnenkort geven we een gedetailleerde expertbeoordeling, zoals we doen met top-VPN’s, zoals ExpressVPN en NordVPN. Je kunt ook onze best beoordeelde VPN’s voor 2020 bekijken.

Functies Details
Aantal landen met servers 17
Houdt het VPN logs bij? Deels
Bevat het VPN een kill switch? Nee
Aantal apparaten per abonnement 30

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Geld-Terug Garantie (Dagen) : 0
Mobiele app :
Aantal apparaten per abonnement : 30
VPN abonnementen:

Newshosting Gebruikersbeoordelingen

Gebaseerd op 5 beoordelingen in 1 talen
Vpn is useless - 4
Tony -
23, 2020

Great until they switched to Privado. Now it's useless. Connection is usually only stable for an average 15 mins and when it disconnects it can take multiple attempts to reconnect. Usenet service is OK but forget the vpn.

Misleading text in this report - 10
Anoniem -
1, 2020

The VPN DOES change the region of Netflix. I use it everyday in the UK to get on the USA service. I have also tried Brazil and Canada and that’s also worked. I’ve been using their USENET service for years and have had no issues. Always maxing out my 1Gbps connection

A Fraud service provider! That is all I see - 2
Magikarp -
Apr 12, 2020

They tell you they give you free trial in 2 week, but when you signing first time they demand you enter PayPal or card payment, seems safe. But know, they immediately charge you 10$!!!. And never repay that money for you. I never see this type of precharge before. Even with big companies like google, they just charge you 0.99USD and take your money back after several hours(this is the ways to text the card or account paypal is real or not). But newshoting- the fraud is not like that, how dare they take full money in just the first time. When I want to cancel my free trial ,I must send to their support team a message. And they tell me I must wait 2 weeks (or 1 month I don't remember yet) for the money to come back. Totally a fraud!!!. Because that money never comeback, and 10$ is not a big amount of money for most people still remember to check them whenever they comeback or not. All I see is that fraud-hosting (other name of newshosting) is just good at advertising their name, by affiliate with other cheap site. I check many other Usenet provider. I never see them have anything better than other provider. And other company never make me angry with money like fraud-hosting

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Beoordeling: 9.9 / 10

Beoordeling: 9.9 / 10

Beoordeling: 9.6 / 10

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