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4.0 / 5.0
  • Functies 4.0 / 5.0
  • Gebruikersgemak 3.9 / 5.0
  • Prijs 4.2 / 5.0
  • Betrouwbaarheid & Ondersteuning 3.8 / 5.0

VPN.Asia is misschien niet de bekendste VPN, maar met 40 servers wereldwijd, met 5 apparaten per licentie, zijn ze het overwegen waard. VPN.Asia staat op 4.2 vanwege hun prijzen, die al starten bij $ 4.15/maand

Jan 9, 2019
VPN.Asia Gebruikersbeoordelingen
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VPN.Asia is a scam!!!

It never worked...STAY AWAY like the plague...This is a complete rip off. I have never received a response from their "technical support". DO NOT give them your money. They will take it and run!!! I would have given them a zero, but that was not allowed

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    Worst, just the worst!

    A review from an actual user.I have been using this VPN for about a year now (bought a 3-year subscription deal). Slow speed and frequent connection drops aside, they've cut down a significant number of servers during the past year - there used to be some servers in Asia, but almost all of their Asian servers are gone now. No servers in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong!!, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc. the only THREE servers (not the number of countries in which servers are located, the total number of servers) available in Asia are one in Singapore, one in New Delhi, and the other Bangkok as of June 2018, and this word "Asia" is still paradoxically included in their name. They also removed the servers in Canada and Mexico and many other countries. The "live chat" never worked, so when I contacted the customer service regarding the servers not working, I normally got replies 48 hours later (if lucky) saying that they'd talk to the managers and try to fix the connection problems asap. What they actually did instead was to get rid of the servers that failed to connect, how convenient! Should have listened to the advice that never go for a cheap "lifetime" or 3-4 year subscription deals, just please don't even bother.

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      Philip Cowling
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      Never Works

      Dreadful. Their London servers went from 2 to 1 and that has been down for 10 days. Customer support doesn’t respond to issues. Chat has never worked for me. A teenager in a bedroom will deliver a better service. I travel a lot and need a VPN service at all times. VPN Asia is a shambles. Zero stars

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        Functies Details
        Aantal landen met servers 30
        Aantal servers 40
        Aantal IP-adressen 24000
        Houdt het VPN logs bij? Nee
        Bevat het VPN een kill switch? Nee
        Aantal apparaten per abonnement 5
        Prijs 4.2 / 5.0
        1 Year
        $ 4.15 /maand
        6 Months
        $ 5.00 /maand
        $ 5.99/maand
        Gedetailleerde expertbeoordeling
        Alex (Shurf) Frenkel
        (Ex-Hacker en Technisch Onderzoeker)

        De beoordeling van dit onderdeel van VPNs is nog niet beschikbaar voor deze VPN aanbieder. Als u vind dat ze een goede optie hebben, vul uw beoordeling dan in als een gebruiker, dan zullen wij een gedetailleerde expertbeoordeling schrijven.

        Geld-Terug Garantie (Dagen): 7
        Mobiele app:
        Aantal apparaten per abonnement: 5
        VPN opties: www.vpn.asia
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